Avi Movi, S.A.

Avi Movi SA is located in the Colon Free Zone and is a wholesale and retail distributor of cell phones, accessories and personal electronics. The company carries some of the leading brands of electronics and uses its distribution channels to make quality communication available to people in Central America, the Caribbean and South America.
Many customers want the best electronics at the lowest prices, and Avi Movi SA helps to make that possible. The company imports products from top manufacturers, and then they export them to retailers who can offer customers reasonable prices.
Regardless of the electronics that customers seek, Avi Movi SA helps people to get the equipment they want. Offering brands such as Panasonic, Blackberry, Sony and more, the company has the phones, cameras and other products that are popular today.

Products offered include:
Cell phones
Computer equipment
Phone accessories
And much more

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