Panafoto Zona Libre

From Panama to the rest of the world, Panafoto has offered more than 30 years of a variety of electronic products for the satisfaction of their customers, ranging from compact disk players to famous brand LCD televisions.
The mission of Panafoto and Panafoto Zona Libre is to offer their clients the things they need for their homes so that they can enjoy the tranquility that technology can provide coupled with a personal commitment to provide the best customer service available.
Because of this approach, “what you need” is more than a slogan; it is the philosophy of Panafoto. Not only does the company promise to sell products at reasonable prices, but it also provides the assurance that the brands in stock meet the customers’ needs and expectations.
Panafoto Zona Libre follows the company philosophy with its service as well. Located in the Colon Free Trade Zone, this location meets the import and export needs of the company as well as those of the customers, thanks to the showroom located there.
Products offered include:
• Computers
• Telephones
• Car Audio
• Cameras
• Video Games
• Appliances
• TVs
• Video
• Audio
• Home & office items
• And more

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