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A.I.R. Ajustadores-Surveyors

AIR Ajustadores was established in 1985 by Arango Gasteazoro. The company is focused on providing quality insurance valuations and consultations. The focus is on maintaining objectivity and impartiality regarding insurance inspections. As an independent contractor AIR Ajustadores reviews, investigates, and determines the cause of incidents in which damage was incurred, and then suggest a valuation of the damage.
AIR Ajustadores is affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama and the International Institute of Loss Adjusters, Inc. Additionally they are accredited as an Independent Insurance Adjuster and Inspector.
Shipping services include pre-shipment, perishable goods, cargo supervision, packaging, damage inspections, downloads, and loss control. AIR Ajustadores does business with many companies within Panama and the Colon Free Zone.
Services Include:
• Insurance
• Consultations
• Damage inspections
• Valuation
• Inspections
• Adjusters
• Claims

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