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ABC Tool's S.A.

ABC Tools House SA is an important part of any construction project, a wholesale distributor of tools and materials for many different applications. Located in the Colon Free Zone, the company supplies the equipment that many people need to perform the tasks that await them.
Offering a wide variety, ABC Tools House SA offers many necessary items, such as tools, hardware, construction materials, plumbing supplies, electrical components and more. Because of its huge selection, the company provides a wide range of products to help the skilled builder with many home and commercial projects.
Because the Colon Free Zone is such an important international shipping center, the company is able to supply stores in many parts of the world. From here, ABC Tools House SA offers affordable products that deliver quality to a wide range of customers worldwide.

Products offered include:
• A large variety of tools
• Hardware
• Materials for construction projects
• Plumbing supplies
• Electrical parts
• And many other items

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Hardware, Herramientas, Chainsaws and Parts
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