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AK Electronic S.A.

AK Electronic SA is a leader in the distribution of electronics for the home. The company is dedicated to introducing a new line of electronics and appliances to the market that features great durability. It offers a wide variety of appliances, household electronics and personal audio equipment for satisfied customers throughout the world. The company imports high-quality products from factories in the Far East and exports them to clients in South America, the Caribbean and Central America.
Having a direct relationship with many manufacturers, AK Electronic SA has an advantage over many of its competitors. The company, from its location in the Colon Free Zone, has a direct supply chain and is able to offer excellent products and affordable prices.
AK Electronic SA is committed to enhancing the electronics market with high quality products. The company seeks to continue creating a business relationship that benefits both its suppliers and its customers.

Products offered include:
• Kitchen electronics
• Vacuum Cleaners
• Televisions
• Personal audio and video players
• And much more

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