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Abdala Internacional S.A.

Abdala Internacional SA is located in the Colon Free Zone and is a wholesale distributor of fashion footwear such as sandals, flip flops and shoes, as well as items for the home. This company is a supplier to retails stores worldwide, providing merchandise from manufacturers such as Monyka, Level 3, Juanas, Goliat, Film, 4Runner, Eskarcha, 2 Surf, Bumix Kids, Bumix, Adax, Rosella and many more.
The presence of Abdala Internacional SA in the Colon Free Zone is important to the success of the company. The strategic import and export zone is located at the port of Colon and gives the company easy access to all parts of the world. The tax-free center allows companies like Abdala Internacional SA to move goods worldwide at lower costs, emphasizing the importance of both the zone and the business.
Low costs, wide selection and quality products make Abdala Internacional SA a strong supplier of footwear and items for the home to clients worldwide.

Products offered include:
• Monyka
• Level 3
• Juanas
• Goliat
• Film
• 4Runner
• Eskarcha
• 2 Surf
• Bumix Kids
• Bumix
• Adax
• Rosella
• And many more

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