Activa S.A.

Activa is one of the leading distributors of wholesale watches in the Colon Free Zone. Featuring its private brand of watches, this company has a large variety of watches that are beautiful in addition to being high-quality timepieces. The company offers watches that make wonderful fashion accessories for men, women and children.
Because of its location in the Colon Free Zone, Activa has the capability to ship product to stores and boutiques throughout the world. Located at the mouth of the Panama Canal, the Free Zone is the connection between north, south, east and west, and is a central location for shipments to all countries, whether by land, sea or air.
This flexibility in shipping allows Activa to be an effective and affordable source for retail businesses anywhere. With watches, time is money and the company is prepared to provide the best of both to its clients.

Products offered include:
• Watches by Activa
• Batteries
• Spare parts
• And much more

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