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Air Sea Worldwide Panama, S.A.

Air Sea Worldwide Panama, S.A. is a logistics company specialized in sea, air and land transportation, located in Panama's Colon Free Zone, and 36 branches in Asia, Europe and Latin America. The company provides a variety of delivery alternatives to and from Panama, offering an advantage over its competitors everywhere.
Air Sea Worldwide Panama, S.A. is dedicated to servicing import and export customers and has become a key distributor in Latin America by providing a variety of delivery services. The company's philosophy centers on the customer, so it has focused its efforts on a plan that supplies all of their needs.
Thanks to Panama’s central location, Air Sea Worldwide Panama, S.A. is able to offer potential clients a myriad of delivery plans to successfully move their cargo. With a staff of skillful employees, the company is proficient at delivering results for all of its associates in Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

Services offered include:
• Haulage
• Storage
• Inventory Control
• Export and Import
• Air, Sea and Land Cargo Handling
• Consolidations
• Loose Cargo
• Untouched Containers

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Import and Export, Storage / Warehousing, Air and Sea Cargo, Cargo Services, Cargo Handling and Storage

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