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Avianca-Deprisa is located in the Colon Free Zone and is part of the Colombian air conglomerate, Avianca SA. Founded in 1919, the company is the oldest airline in the Americas and second oldest in the world, opening only a few months after Dutch airline KLM. The company is the largest in its native Colombia and one of the largest in South America.
Avianca-Deprisa offers a large number of services for delivery of both passengers and cargo through Avianca SA. The airline offers passenger service to a large number of countries worldwide, cargo services throughout its entire network and airport maintenance and engineering in a variety of locations.
Recognizing the strategic importance of the Port of Colon, Avianca-Deprisa is a key part of Avianca’s worldwide operations. Providing customer and cargo delivery in addition to logistics support, the company is helping to ensure that deliveries reach their destinations worldwide.

Services offered include:
• Personal air transportation
• Cargo transportation by air
• Airport maintenance and engineering
• And much more

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