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Bisuteria y Piedras Z.L., S.A.

Bisuteria y Piedras Zona Libre is a unique wholesale distributor in the Colon Free Trade Zone. This company caters to jewelry to the highly popular craft market. Millions of people all over the world create jewelry and this company is one of the businesses that provide the products and tools that make it possible.
Bisuteria y Piedras Zona Libre offers many of the items needed for this specialized form of art: fashion jewelry items, stones, acrylics, crystals, leathers, mosaic glass, metal jewelry parts and more. In addition to these items, the company provides the tools to make creating beautiful jewelry possible.
Craft stores are located throughout the world and people are creating pieces of beautiful jewelry every day. From its location in the Colon Free Trade Zone, Bisuteria y Piedras Zona Libre is able to supply the products and tools to make all of that creativity possible.

Products offered include:
• Fashion jewelry
• Stones
• Acrylics
• Crystals
• Leathers
• Mosaic glass
• Metal jewelry
• Accessories
• Tools
• And much more

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