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Bizzcuit Fashion S.A.

Bizzuit SA is a resident of the Colon Free Zone and specializes as a wholesale and retail distributor of clothing for men, women and children. With a successful history, the company offers a wide array of apparel at affordable prices to customers throughout Central America, the Caribbean and South America.
Specializing at providing fashionable clothing as well as audio and video equipment to a large customer base, Bizzuit SA possesses a geographic advantage because it is located in the Colon Free Zone. The zone is an important center of import and export that is situated at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal. The Canal is the most direct shipping route from distributors in the East to customers throughout the Americas, and it allows the company to distribute products worldwide, providing high quality items for reasonable prices.
Supplying audio and video equipment in addition to its main product line of fashion clothing, Bizzuit SA is a successful partner in the Colon Free Zone. The company offers quality, price and style to many people in Latin America.

Products offered include:
• Clothing for children
• Fashions for women
• Audio equipment
• Garments for men
• Video equipment
• And much more

Brands sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Mix Jeans, Wet Look, Yacht Club

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Young Men Clothing, Young Women Clothing

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