Byblos Intl is a wholesale distributor and specialty store located in the Colon Free Zone. With a long history in the Free Zone, the company has developed a large customer base by providing a wide variety of affordably priced fashion accessories and clothing for men. Byblos Intl is one of the best locations in the Colon Free Zone to find values on clothes, accessories and more.
Strategically located in the Panama’s Colon Free Zone, Byblos Intl distributes products to clients in a wide variety of locations worldwide. With an extensive distribution network, efficient shipping processes and a successful store in the Free Zone, the company is able to provide excellent service for its clients, not only in Panama, but in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.
Byblos Intl is the perfect place in the Colon Free Zone for the items necessary to be fashionable at a low price. The company is the destination for anyone trying to find bargain fashion accessories and men’s clothes.

Products and services offered include:
• Wholesale product distribution to foreign retail stores
• Retail sales to customer in the Colon Free Zone
• Fashion accessories
• Men’s clothing
• And much more

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