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C&M Internacional SA is located in the Colon Free Zone and is a wholesale distributor of liquors and wines. An enormous, multi-billion dollar enterprise, the wine and liquor industry is more than just a business; it is an integral part of how many people celebrate and socialize. For this reason, C&M Internacional SA is in a strong position as a leader in the alcohol industry.
Whether celebrating holidays, special events or birthdays, many occasions featuring wines, beers and liquors. C&M Internacional SA offers a wide variety of beverages from famous brands such as Tequila El Capo, Rutini, Pro-Line, Norton, Navy, Kendal Jackson, Jim Beam, Famous Grouse, Danzka, Carolans, Bavaria Cerveza, Amarula, Aguardiente Antioqueno, Tim Bean and many more.
Because of its location in the Colon Free Zone, C&M Internacional SA is able to not only provide the finest liquors but also the best shipping throughout Central America, the Caribbean and South America. No matter how the special occasions are celebrated, the company is able to provide the beverages that its clients seek.

Products with brand names including:
• Tequila El Capo
• Rutini
• Pro-Line
• Norton
• Navy
• Kendal Jackson
• Jim Beam
• Famous Grouse
• Danzka
• Carolans
• Bavaria Cerveza
• Amarula
• Aguardiente Antioqueno
• Tim Bean
• And more

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