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CIF Express S.A.

CIF Express SA is a logistics and shipping business that specializes in the transportation of cargo by air, land and sea. Working with its facility in Miami, Florida, the company has formed a successful business to meet the needs of customers that import and export products, starting with the United States, and Latin America, and then the rest of the world.
CIF Express SA has extensive experience, superior equipment and skilled personnel, allowing the company to provide a wide range of services. In addition to land, air and sea delivery, the company offers specialized delivery services throughout Latin America, door to door delivery worldwide, document control, inventory control, merchandise distribution, packaging of fragile cargo and hazardous materials, and much more.
Regardless of the destination or the services required, CIF Express SA is skilled at providing shipping solutions for its clients. Offering a wide range of services and specializing on delivery in Latin America, the company ships from the Colon Free Zone to the entire world.

Products offered include:
• Delivery by air, land and sea
• Specialized delivery to Latin America
• Door to door delivery
• Document Control
• Inventory control
• Merchandise distribution
• Packaging of fragile cargo
• Transportation of hazardous materials
• And much more

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