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Casa Del Dacron

Casa del Dacron has enjoyed a successful association with the Colon Free Trade Zone, Republic of Panama, for many years. This company is a wholesale distributor of textiles for the home, and specializing in attractive fabrics for many different uses. This is a company that intends to make the homes of its clients more beautiful in a variety of ways.
Casa del Dacron provides versatile fabrics that are both decorative and functional. The company’s textiles are used for table cloths, tapestries, sheets and comforters for beds, furniture cushions, curtains, clothing and much more.
Because it is found in the Colon Free Trade Zone, Casa del Dacron is preferred by manufacturers as a source for the fabrics they use to make their products. This reputation makes the company a perfect resource for anyone looking to make things more beautiful.

Products offered include:
• Fabric
• Table cloths
• Tapestries
• Sheets and comforters for beds
• Furniture cushions
• Curtains
• And more

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