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Colgrupajes Panama S.A.

Colgrupaje Panama is dedicated to creating transportation solutions designed to satisfy the diverse requirements of modern life. The company is proud of the partnership that it has established with each of its clients. The company believes that it is crucial to listen, to observe and to understand the needs of its clients. Once the needs are defined, recommending a shipping solution that satisfies the customer’s needs is not difficult.
Colgrupaje Panama provides transportation solutions that satisfy the needs and demands of any type of global shipment, whether by land, sea or air. The company specializes in shipping at both nationally and internationally.
The company is dedicated to the combined shipping solutions and is strategically located in the Colon Free Trade Zone. Experts in import and export, Colgrupaje Panama serves as a link for Latin America and the Caribbean in land, sea and air shipping.

Types of shipping offered are:
• National air delivery
• International air shipments
• National and regional land shipments
• International shipping by cargo ships

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