Comar Trading, Inc.

Comar Group Inc. is a wholesale distributor of tools and hardware as well as electrical equipment and supplies, materials handling equipment, and plumbing supplies. Located in the Colon Free Zone, Comar Group Inc. carries Black and Decker tools, both electric and gas welding equipment, plumbing supplies and fixtures, irrigation equipment, both Linea Genius and Linea Exceline voltage regulators, and materials handling equipment. Comar Group Inc. carries a wide selection of materials in all of its product ranges at extremely affordable prices.
The location of Comar Group Inc. is in the Colon Free Zone at the Caribbean end of the heavily trafficked Panama Canal. This location allows the company to easily and effectively receive shipments of products from throughout the world for sale and shipment throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.
Comar Group Inc. customers can visit on site in the Colon Free Zone or shop online at the company’s web site. This simplicity makes the company a perfect place to purchase the tools for any size job.

Products offered include:
• Black and Decker tools
• Electric and gas welding equipment
• Plumbing supplies and fixtures
• Irrigation equipment
• Voltage regulators
• Materials handling equipment
• And much more

Brands sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Black & Decker, De Walt, Deep Blue, Exceline, Firefly, Genius, Harris Calorfic, Ips, Kayman, Lincoln Electric, Wahero

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Construction Materials and Equipment, Construction Equipment, Faucets, Taps and Fittings, Polyresin Articles, Electrical Ballasts, Bulbs, Light Bulbs, Crystal Lamps, Industrial Lamps, Power Plants, Voltage Protectors, Fluorescent Tubes, Air Conditioning, Door Locks / Padlocks, Hardware, Plumbing Supplies, Ropes, Herramientas, Electric Tools, Drills, Electrical Equipment, Electric Pumps, Soldering Machines, Workshops Equipment

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