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Consolidacion y Tramites Z. L.

Offering its abilities to customers everywhere, Consolidacion y Tramites ZL is a logistics and shipping company with its headquarters in Colón Free Zone in the Republic of Panama. Specializing in a high level of customer service, the company is a leader in consolidation, customs services, packaging, export and logistics.
Consolidacion y Tramites ZL is dedicated to providing services, warehousing, transportation, customs services, and packing of containers, representation, and much more. The company offers dependable transporting of goods for clients nationally and internationally. In addition, the company provides a dependable system of tracking shipments during the entire delivery process.
Dedicated to exceeding the demands of customers worldwide, Consolidacion y Tramites ZL is committed to excellence in all areas of transport. Situated in the Colon Free Zone, the company supports customers with a wide range of logistics and shipping services.

Services include:
• Import services
• Export and re-export services
• Consolidation of containers
• Full containers
• Customs services
• And much more

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