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Cosmotex, S. A.

Cosmotex S.A. is the premier location in the Colon Free Trade Zone for wholesale holiday decorations. Customers worldwide are able to purchase products that are perfect for making high-quality decorations for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, gravesite decorations and a wide variety of other adornments.
Whether clients seek branches, trees, candles and artificial fruits, or silks, satins, metallic items and florals for birthday or wedding decorations, Cosmotex S.A. is an excellent location for purchasing the items that make each celebration a little more beautiful.
Located in the Colon Free Trade Zone, Cosmotex S.A. is able to provide the finest materials available for anyone who creates crafts and decorative ornaments.
Products offered include:
• Silk flowers
• Satin decorations
• Artificial flowers
• Decorative branches and leaves
• Ribbons
• Candles
• Glue guns
• And much more

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