DCM Celular Int.

DCM Cellular Int is a business dedicated to wholesale distributing of cell phone accessories for various brands and models, in addition to supplying replacement parts for Korean washing machines and refrigerators, both nationally and internationally. The company´s products satisfy the diverse wants and needs of its clients, supported by their first-class service and personalized customer attention.
Thinking about the convenience of its customers, DCM Cell Int has implemented a new purchasing system via the Internet, facilitating the execution of orders by its clients so that no matter where they are, clients can consult the product catalog and order the items they want and need
Whether ordering accessories for nearly any brand of cellular phones or replacement parts for Korean washing machines and refrigerators, clients will appreciate the convenient location that DCM Cellular Int enjoys in the Colon Free Trade Zone.

Cell phone products offered include:
• Bluetooth accessories
• Speakers
• Chargers
• Batteries
• And more

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Cellphone Accessories, Cellphones and Accessories, Cellular Phones and Accesories

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