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Daewoo Electronics

For more than forty years, Daewoo has been a strong industrial force. The company is currently the second largest corporate group in Korea. The company has become an international force in automotive, heavy equipment, shipbuilding, telecom, electronics and many other areas.
Daewoo Electronics has become a common part of homes and businesses worldwide, with products such as: refrigerators, TVs, stereos, DVD players, CD players, MP3 audio, and many other items. These items and many others like them are used by people all over the world, and many of them are shipped from the company’s distribution center in the Colon Free Trade Zone. This location is important because it is the most direct shipping route from Korea to Latin and North America.
Daewoo Electronics uses its location in the Colon Free Trade Zone to supply the world with some of the best products available.
Products offered include:
• Refrigerators
• TVs
• Stereos
• DVD players
• CD players
• MP3 audio
• And many other items

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