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Denim Deluxe Ind. Ltd.

Diesel is an Italian design company, best known for clothing aimed at the young adult market and for being a brand that can be found on everything from underwear to fragrances. The company has thousands of employees at its subsidiaries across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Its products are available in 5000 retail outlets, including Denim Deluxe Ind., Ltd, which is located in the Colon Free Zone, and is an exclusive distributor for the company.
The main product lines are Diesel and Diesel Black Gold, a new collection launched in 2007. The children's collection is called Diesel Kid; while Diesel Denim Gallery offers limited edition denim sold in innovative art gallery-like spaces. Diesel also offers collections of footwear, intimate apparel and bags.
Revenue is largely derived from denim sales, but the company is also extremely successful selling accessories and children's wear. Denim Deluxe Ind., Ltd gives the company an international distribution center, making it possible for more people to enjoy clothing from the Diesel brand.

Product lines offered include:
• Diesel
• Diesel Black Gold
• Diesel Kid
• Fragrances
• Diesel Denim
• And much more

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