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Diamond Group S.A.

Diamond Group International distributes Bondi Jeans wholesale to stores worldwide. From its location in the Colon Free Trade Zone, the company is able to successfully deliver this fashionable brand of clothing to shops in any part of the world.
Bondi Jeans was founded in 1987 by Alexander Zeka, an Australian clothing designer. Inspired by his country´s famous Bondi Beach, Zeta decided to capture the relaxed atmosphere of this beautiful location and create a clothing line that possessed the same image.
Diamond Group International in the Colon Free Trade Zone has provided Bondi Jeans with a perfect location to display its fashions and to ship them worldwide. The casual attitude of Bondi Beach, Australia is now the fashion of the world.

Products offered include:
• Shirts for men
• Women´s jeans
• Sweaters for men
• Sexy women´s shirts
• Men´s jeans

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