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Diophy International, S.A.

A division of Rimen Company, Diophy International SA is a leading wholesaler for handbags and luggage. Located in the Colon Free Zone, the company distributes its products to customers in the United States, Dubai, Italy, Canada, Brazil and South Asia.
In addition to its wholesale business, Diophy International SA also has a large retail store in the Free Zone. The company sells fashionable handbags and billfolds, in addition to high-quality suitcases. In business since 1999, the company imports products directly from the manufacturer and exports them to customers worldwide, allowing it to offer quality items and low prices.
A worldwide exporter, Diophy International SA uses its Colon Free Zone location to offer great products to customers all over the world.

Products offered include:
Quality handbags
And much more

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