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Distribuidora Luty, S.A.

Distribuidora Luty SA is an importer and exporter of a wide variety of products, lingerie, pajamas and other cotton items for women. The company has a long history and is well known for offering low prices and quality service.
Located at the mouth of the Panama Canal in the Colon Free Trade Zone, the company is an exclusive wholesale distributor of the Luty brand of women’s lingerie. Luty is famous for making high quality lingerie and sleepwear for women and Distribuidora Luty SA is becoming well known for making the products available worldwide.
In addition to the clothing it offers, Distribuidora Luty SA has also developed successful shipping processes which allow it to provide the products that its customers need for prices they can afford.

Products offered include:
Women´s lingerie from the brand Luty
Women´s sleepwear
And more

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