Dport S.A.

Strategically placed in the Colon Free Zone, DPORT SA is a supplier of retail and duty free wholesale shoes for its customers. This successful enterprise offers footwear such as athletic shoes, slippers and more for the whole family.
DPORT SA benefits from being a part of the Colon Free Zone. This key freight port affords businesses an inexpensive location for importing shoes and other products from manufacturers and re-exporting them to customers in Panama and businesses throughout Latin America. This permits the company to improve their delivery charges and pass the savings along to their customers.
With a broad selection of shoes and brand name manufacturers, DPORT SA fulfills the desires of a large customer base. Specializing in service to all of Latin America, the company is able to offer quality products and low prices.

Products offered include:
• Shoes
• Sport shoes
• Slippers
• And much more

Brands sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Cleo, Contact, Crayola, Doki, Eastwood, Era Sport, Kiuty, Olix, Rosita Fresita, Rossa Siena, Pecadora

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Ladies Shoes, Kids Shoes, Safety Shoes, Footwear, Shoes, Sandals, Sneakers, Athletic Shoes, Running Shoes, Shoes, Footwear, Men Shoes, Men Footwear

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