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El Canguro Zona Libre, S.A.

El CANGURO ZONA LIBRE S.A. is a company specialized in importing and distributing duty free mobile phone accessories. This is a wholesale distributor that is at the forefront in the market, based on a successful portfolio of accessories that have wide acceptance.
The goal of the company is to become the leader in distribution and quality in mobile cellular phone accessories, being a company renowned for offering competitive prices and accessories that exceed market requirements. The company offers accessories that exceed market requirements, through a structured logistics for the import, distribution and marketing of its products, sales force and customer service so it can reach every corner of the world, providing satisfactory answers to the needs and preferences of our customers
EL CANGURO ZONA LIBRE S.A. is open to the evolving technological advancements in the cellular phone industry, constantly introducing new accessories and a variety of presentations which gives satisfactory answers to the needs and preferences of its customers.

Products offered include:
• Batteries
• Hands-free
• Cases
• Flex
• IPod accessories
• Technical service tools
• Displays
• And much more!

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