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Electronic Supplies S.A.

ELECTRONIC SUPPLIES, S.A makes its business home in the Colon Free Zone and has become skilled at providing personal electronics throughout the world. In addition, the company has an efficient business model, allowing it to sell top quality personal electronics to customers both in its showroom, worldwide and much more.
ELECTRONIC SUPPLIES, S.A has an extensive catalog of personal electronics. Being located in the Colon Free Zone is strategic because the company procures goods from manufacturers in Asia and then export to customers in the Americas. This location makes it possible for the company to provide excellent products at more economical prices.
Because of its location at the mouth of the Panama Canal, ELECTRONIC SUPPLIES, S.A is able to be a leading business, both internationally and in the Free Zone. This fact makes the company an excellent distributor and a capable provider of personal electronics for all of its customers.

Products offered include:
• Personal Electronics
• Audio Equipment
• Household Appliances
• And Much More

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