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Euromil Int. S.A.

Health and beauty is an industry that earns billions of dollars every year. Fragrances, cosmetics, products for the hair, fashion accessories and many other items make this an enormous business. Euromil Int SA is located in the Colon Free Zone and is a wholesale distributor of a wide variety of these important products.
For many people, a good appearance is more than wearing nice clothes. Shampoos, rinses and other products make the hair beautiful. Cosmetics highlight the features of many women, and perfumes and sunglasses add the perfect finish. Retail stores that supply these items can rely on Euromil Int SA to provide all of the things that customers want.
Because it is located in the Colon Free Zone, Euromil Int SA is able to provide health and beauty items more affordably than distributors in other areas. The company enjoys many economic advantages in the zone and those benefits can be shared with the consumers in the form of lower prices. With high quality and affordable products, the company is able to help its customers to look and feel great.

Products offered include:
• Shampoos
• Fragrances
• Cosmetics
• Products for the hair
• Fashion accessories
• And many other items

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