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Euromoda Internacional Corp.

Founded in 1982, Euromoda International Corp is a prestigious distributor of general merchandise to both wholesale and retail clients in Central America, the Caribbean and South America. Part of a successful distribution network and possessing an excellent product line, the company provides the best methods for meeting the needs of its customers.
Located in the Colon Free Zone, Euromoda International Corp offers its clients the advantage of wholesale purchasing of entire containers to be exported to retail stores, or enjoy a retail shopping experience in the company’s showroom in the Free Zone. This allows clients the ability to customize their purchasing based on need.
Offering a large selection of items that range from electronics and hardware to baby items and items for the home, Euromoda International Corp is able to provide many excellent products for its customers. By giving customers the ability to choose how they purchase from this large selection, Euromoda International Corp provides the perfect shopping experience for every customer.
Products offered include:
• Items for babies
• Kitchen items
• Sporting goods
• Pet supplies
• Electronics
• Hardware
• Toys
• And much more

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