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Excellence Panama S.A.

Situated in the Colon Free Zone, Excellence Panama is a wholesale distributor of clothing and textiles for all purposes and uses. Having an important location where the Caribbean Sea meets the Panama Canal, the zone offers the company a location where it can export products from Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, India, Taiwan, and Thailand to customers worldwide.
The Colon Free Zone is a transit point for five percent of world shipping and forty percent of Latin American container shipping. This location is critical because the Canal links North America, South America and the Caribbean to the rest of the world. The zone is ideal for Excellence Panama to receive products from throughout the world and efficiently and cost effectively ship anywhere.
Regardless of location of its clients, Excellence Panama will provide excellent customer service and prompt shipment of affordably priced merchandise.

Distributor of products for manufacturers in:
• Hong Kong
• China
• Indonesia
• India
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• And other locations

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