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Exportadora Royal Z.L., S.A.

A resident of the Colon Free Zone, Exportadora Royal Zona Libre SA is a wholesale distributor of perfumes, toys, infant items, school supplies, cosmetics, gifts and items for the home. Exporting to customers worldwide, the company provides items for every member of the family, selling goods that make life easier and more enjoyable.
The Colon Free Zone is a major passageway for goods traveling throughout the world. Situated at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal, the Zone receives goods from throughout the world and ships throughout Central America, the Caribbean and South America. This location makes companies like Exportadora Royal Zona Libre SA very important to the movement of products throughout the world.
Regardless of where a client owns a store, Exportadora Royal Zona Libre SA not only provides prompt and efficient customer service but ships promptly to provide its customers with quality products at affordable prices.

Products offered from brands such as:
• Power Smile
• Niña Bonita
• Mirabella
• Gasoil
• Action
• Smokers
• And many more

Brands sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Action, Gasoil, Gnail, Mirabella, Niña Bonita, Power Smile, Smokers

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Depilatory Accessories, Cosmetics and Cosmetic Cases, Totebags for Laptops, Porcelain Articles, Luggage & Totebags, Toys, Sewing Machines, Chest, Coffer
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