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Farmazona SA is a warehousing and forwarding company that provides logistics and shipping services to clients who wish to have efficient access to the Latin American market. Created in 1961, the company has been serving European and American firms for many years, acquiring experience and enhancing its reputation.
Farmazona SA is now the largest logistics company in Central American and the Caribbean. Operating from the Colon Free Zone, the company makes its wide variety of services available to everyone. During its long history, the company has worked with clients from numerous industries and specializes in serving the pharmaceutical, automotive, technology and agrochemical sectors.
Offering services such as storage, distribution and exchange, Farmazona SA has become an important part of the logistics and shipping industry. The company is determined to meet the needs of its clients through personalized service, innovative tools and the finest human talent available.

Products offered include:
• Climate controlled storage
• Product preparation
• Import and
• Export
• Accounting
• Consultation
• And much more

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