FedCo Z.L. is the wholesale distributor of products for the companies called Fitlab Natural and Lumiscope. Located in the Colon Free Trade Zone, this company provides revolutionary health products to customers and businesses worldwide.
Fitlab Natural provides some of the world’s highest quality vitamins and minerals. The newest science discoveries and highest manufacturing standards are used to create these products. Fitlab Naturals meets the needs of adults and children by creating supplements that conform to the strictest requirements.
FedCo Z.L. also distributes Lumiscope products. This company is a leading manufacture of diagnostic equipment and unique health products such as blood pressure monitors, thermometers, stethoscopes, breast pumps, massagers, support garments and other products for both professional and personal use. Like Fitlab Naturals, Lumiscope also creates its products with the highest standards, some health products even being used on the US space station.

Products shipped by FedCo Z.L. include:
• Vitamins
• Minerals
• Blood pressure monitors
• Thermometers
• Stethoscopes
• Breast pumps
• Massagers
• Support garments
• And more

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