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Faida International, S.A.

A leading company for auto parts, Faida International, S.A. is positioned as one of the most successful businesses in the Colon Free Zone. Specializing in the importing and exporting of universal accessories and original equipment for cars, the company offers service to customers throughout Central and South American and the Caribbean.
With a long history of experience in the business, the success of the company is a result of the quality of its merchandise and the skill of its employees. In order to provide the best in wholesale and retail sales of these products, Faida International, S.A. works closely with its suppliers, most of whom are large Oriental manufacturers, allowing the company to find the best prices and offer leading technology to its customers.
With a history of customer satisfaction, Faida International, S.A. is a leader in the import and export of auto parts worldwide. Thanks to its constant innovation in auto parts and accessories, customers are able to get the items they need to repair their autos.

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Shock Absorbers, Car Parts and Accessories, Ball bearings for Cars, Industrial and Automotive Belts, Brake Components, Vehicles; Parts and Accessories

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