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First Logistics Services, S.A. (FILSSA)

First Logistics Services, S.A. is a company specializing in logistics and shipping and is located in Panama´s Colon Free Zone. Expertly providing freight forwarding, the company offers a plethora of delivery solutions to move products anywhere, giving it a preferred standing with customers worldwide.
First Logistics Services, S.A. is dedicated to meeting the needs of import and export customers and has become a key distributor in Latin America by providing intermodal shipping services. The enterprise is dedicated to the unique needs of the customer, so it has focused its efforts on a plan that offers a level of security and trust that few companies can provide.
Thanks to Panama’s important geographic position, First Logistics Services, S.A. is able to offer customers a myriad of delivery plans to meet their needs. With a staff of skillful employees, the company is effective at making shipments for all of its customers.

Services offered include:
• Consolidation and export services to Central and South America, and the Caribbean
• Inventory management, distribution and customs representation
• Long and short-term cargo storage
• Local and International bonded transportation
• Advising in the handling of customs documents
• Transportations & packing
• Full logistic support in cargo handling
• And much more

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Import and Export, Customs Services, Storage / Warehousing, Air Cargo Services, Air, Sea and Land Cargo, Logistics Services

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