Flex Cargo

FLEX CARGO is a logistics and distribution company and is situated in Panama´s Colon Free Zone. Offering shipping solutions, the company provides a variety of delivery solutions to move products anywhere, giving it a strategic advantage worldwide.
FLEX CARGO is dedicated to satisfying import and export customers and has become a key distributor in Latin America by providing shipping services. The company believes that each customer is unique, so it has focused its efforts on a plan that supplies all of their needs.
Thanks to Panama’s important geographic position, FLEX CARGO is able to offer business clients a variety of shipping alternatives to meet their needs. With customized processes and a trained team, the company is efficient at meeting needs for all of its clients in Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

Products offered include:
• Local and International bonded transportation
• Advising in the handling of customs documents
• Transportations & packing
• Full logistic support in cargo handling
• And much more

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