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Focus Publications (Int.) S.A.

One of the leading sources of information about Panama, Focus Publication (Int) SA is making the country better known to readers worldwide. The business is well-established in Panama, with a long history of publishing guides, directories, catalogs and books on a variety of subjects. Among its best-known products are The Visitor (a weekly tourist newspaper), Panama Now (a beautifully illustrated guide with profiles for companies and institutions), Focus Panama (a national guide magazine in English and Spanish), and FOB Zona Libre de Colon. (One of the largest free directories and business catalogues of the Colon Free Zone)
Throughout its history, Focus Publication (Int) SA has thrived by providing the best information available about Panama to English and Spanish-speaking residents, tourists and business people. The company offers professional products and the latest information to anyone who wants to know more about the country.
With a wide range of products and timely information, Focus Publication (Int) SA is a leading publisher of information about Panama. Whether locating businesses in the Free Zone or reading up on the latest news in Panama City, the company offers the best news Panama has to offer.

Publications offered include:
• The Visitor
• Panama Now
• FOB Zona Libre de Colon
• And much more

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