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The computer revolution has created a large and profitable electronic business worldwide. For Global Enterprise Ltd SA, this growth has inspired a successful wholesale and retail distributorship in the Colon Free Zone. Offering computers, accessories, video tapes, CDs, reproduction equipment and more, the company has established an effective system for serving the needs of its clients in various parts of the world.
Providing products from such brands as Smart Buy, LG, Egital, X-Pro and others, Global Enterprise Ltd SA is a strategic distributor for many retail stores. Located in the Colon Free Zone, the company is situated near the geographical center of the western hemisphere, and it has access to both the Americas and the Far East. This access simplifies the flow of goods from manufacturers in China, Taiwan and Korea to the Americas and the Caribbean.
Direct shipping, reasonable prices and excellent customer service make Global Enterprise Ltd SA is respected supplier. Capitalizing on the electronics industry, the company supplies many products for its clients throughout the world.

Products offered include:
• Electronics from Smart Buy, LG, Egital, X-Pro and others
• Computers
• Accessories
• Video tapes
• CDs
• Reproduction equipment
• And more

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