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GP Group Zona Libre

GP Group Zona Libre is located in the Colon Free Zone, and it offers some of today's best audio equipment for cars and trucks. Car audio/video systems have become extremely complex, and consumers need help when selecting such products.
GP Group Zona Libre is an importer and exporter of a wide range of automotive audio equipment. Being located in the Colon Free Zone is significant because the company has the ability to import directly from manufacturers in the Orient and then ship directly to customers in Central America, the Caribbean and South America. This location makes it possible for the company to provide excellent products at lower prices.
Offering brands such as X-Fire, X-Wires, Planet Audio, MTX Audio and more, GP Group Zona Libre is helping its customers to produce some of the finest audio/video systems available today.

Products offered brands including:
Planet Audio
MTX Audio
And much more

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