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Ganesh Trading S.A.

Ganesh Trading SA is a wholesale distributor and specialty store located in the Colon Free Zone. The company has built a large customer base by providing a wide variety of affordably priced clothing for the family, giving it a proud history of customer service. Ganesh Trading SA is one of the best locations in the Free Zone to find values on clothes for men, women and children.
Located in the Colon Free Zone, an international center of import and export located at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal, Ganesh Trading SA has built a reputation for value in clothing for everyone in the family. With brand names such as Factor, Coco Nut Republic, Bux, Miss Zinta and more, the company knows that it supplies excellent clothing and great prices.
Ganesh Trading SA is the perfect place to sell fashionable clothing. The company possesses the advantages of using the most famous shipping route for distributing products worldwide, allowing them to provide high quality items for reasonable prices.

Products offered with brand names such as:
• Factor
• Coco Nut
• Republic
• Bux
• Miss Zinta
• And many more

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