Gingi, S.A.

Gingi S.A., founded in 1988 and located in the Colon Duty Free Trade Zone in the Republic of Panama, was started with the vision of meeting the needs of its customers worldwide. The company is committed to doing extensive market research in each country, which results in a clear picture of the patterns, styles, colors, sizes, designs and trends in the wholesale footwear market.
Gingi S.A. is continually working on creating new models and expanding product lines, providing better ideas based on the trend of fashion footwear in the different markets of different countries.
Gingi S.A. is an organization with the newest styles of fashion footwear for men, ladies, children and babies. With vast knowledge and experience in design, development and marketing of footwear, the company possesses a unique product line. As the company offers the latest fashions to its clients, the designs of today become the inspiration for the fashions of tomorrow. The company handles cutting-edge concepts offering new alternatives of the footwear industry, always keeping the needs and desires of the clients foremost in every decision its makes.

Brands offered include:
• Accion Pacifica
• Celio
• Cool
• Dafna
• Doberman
• Galop
• MK Fashion
• Mario Bruni
• Skor
• Sabra
• Pasitos
• And more

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