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Gomez Giraldo & Asociados

Panama offers countless advantages that make the country competitive in the international marketplace. As businesses concerns arise, so do legal concerns. This reality makes the law firm of Gomez, Giraldo & Asociados a valuable asset.
Located in Panama City and the Colon Free Zone, Gomez, Giraldo & Asociados is able to meet the needs of its local and international clients with highly educated attorneys, comprehensive services and a strong understanding of the law and regulations of Panama. In areas such as formation of offshore corporations, Colon Free Zone issues, ship registration, trademark registration, immigration issues, banking, tourism issues, real estate law and much more, the law firm is able to offer the services that its clients need for doing business in the country.
For more than twenty years, Gomez, Giraldo & Asociados has provided expert legal advice to clients in the Colon Free Zone and Panama City, as well as in the countries of Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. The firm is committed to offering the best possible service to its clients, regardless of where they are located.

Services offered include:
• Formation of offshore corporations
• Oversight of legal concerns in the Colon Free Zone
• Ship Registration
• Trademark Registration
• Immigration issues
• Banking
• Tourism issues
• Real estate law
• Housing law for pensioners and senior citizens
• Insurance and reinsurance
• Legal services related to the Panama Canal
• And much more

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