Grupo Wisa

Grupo Wisa is located in the Colon Free Zone and is a wholesale distributor of general merchandise such as perfumes, cosmetics, liquors, chocolates, cigarettes, suitcases and more. The company is dedicated to maintain a position as a leader in the distribution of luxurious products in the Latin America region.
Offering products from such manufacturers as La Riviera, H. Stern, La Hora, Tumi, Kipling, Segue, Bijoux Terner, Jimmy Choo and more, Grupo Wisa provides a central location for a wide variety of products. Utilizing the Colon Free Zone as its headquarters, the company is positioned at the logistical center of the world, making importing and exporting easier and less expensive.
With an enormous selection of products and manufacturers, Grupo Wisa is intent on being an organization focused on providing the best distribution channels for the region, and being the model of credibility, dependability and leadership for its suppliers and clients. This determination makes the company a valuable supplier for many customers.

Products offered from such brands as:
• La Riviera
• H. Stern
• La Hora
• Tumi
• Kipling
• Segue
• Bijoux Terner
• Jimmy Choo
• And more

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