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Guzza Panama S.A.

Guzza Panama SA, located in the Colon Free Zone, is a wholesale distributor and retail vendor, offering its customers the finest hand tools and power tools, featuring the Energy Tools, Tools Norton and Protools brands. The company is able to offer its customers things that other companies can not. This ability comes from the company being able to provide extremely competitive pricing, quality tools that its customers demand and a friendly staff of employees to provide the best customer service.
Guzza Panama SA focuses on a variety of different customers: independent workers, professional contractors, businesses and retail stores. The company offers superior customer service, excellent products and a dedication to its customers that allow the company to win new customers and retain existing ones.
Because of the importance of the Colon Free Zone, Guzza Panama SA is able to establish a worldwide network of distribution, making it a leader in providing the finest tools to customers in all parts of the world. With its fine products and customer service, Guzza Panama SA is equipped to be the best location for tools.

Products offered include:
• Tools from RPM Tools
• Tools from Energy Tools
• Products from Tools Norton
• Hand tools
• Power tools
• Garden tools
• Drills
• And many more

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