HL Latinoamerica Furniture

Located in P.H. Interplaza No. 24, Colon Free Trade Zone; we focus on wholesaling furniture in Latin America.
Offering you the best prices with an extensive collection of office, home and outdoor furniture.
Our design range goes from contemporary and modern to classic, always searching for the most suitable merchandise that follows the constant changes of the current market trends.

Among the products we offer are:
. Livingroom: Sofas, Coffee Tables, Armchairs
. Diningroom: Dining Set, Tables and Chairs
. Bedroom: Bedroom Set, Beds, Combers, Cabinets, Sofa Beds, Cleopatra Sofa.
. Outdoor: Rattan, Aluminum / Plastic Chairs and Tables
. Office: Desks, Conference Tables, Chairs, Cabinets and Archives.

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Persian Carpets, Crystal Lamps, Decorative Lamps, Lamps in General, Cushions, Rattan Furniture, Furniture in General, Carved Furniture, Office Furniture, Office Chairs

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