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Hasky International

Hasky International SA is a wholesale jewelry distributor located in Panama’s Colon Free Trade Zone in the city of Colon. The company exports fashionable silver, semiprecious stone, and costume jewelry designed by Moris Hasky and Maria Fernanda Yane at extremely affordable prices.
Hasky International S.A. is ideally located for international trade. The Colon Free Zone is located at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal through which passes five percent of world shipping and forty percent of Latin American container traffic. This ideal situation allows companies in the zone to receive goods from and ship to locations expeditiously throughout the world and especially the Americas and the Caribbean.
Whether buyers are looking for silver jewelry, semiprecious stones such as onyx, turquoise, agate, jasper, or malachite, or trendy costume jewelry, they will experience courteous service and expeditious shipping of affordable products to anywhere in the world.

Products offered include:
• Jewelry from Maria Fernada Yane
• Jewelry from Moris Hasky
• Silver
• Semiprecious stones
• Costume Jewelry
• And more

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