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Hermanos Punjabi S.A.

Hermanos Punjabi SA was founded in July, 1985 in the prestigious area of the Colon Free one. Its primary activity is the import of electronics and other general merchandise. Its main markets are central and South America. He has managed to consolidate successfully over the years as a family business.
Hermanos Punjabi SA is located in the commercial area of the colon free zone in the area of the electronic shops. The company focuses on wholesale electronics with trademark VS Sonivox. The company has a high range of products to satisfy the needs of all.
Hermanos Punjabi SA is characterized as a successful family business with many years in the industry, noted for the ability to market its products and its brand name, which have allowed it to become a strong and profitable company.
Hermanos Punjabi SA is always at the forefront as the company upgrades its technical services to meet the needs of its customers with its quality products.

Products offered include:
• Electronic items with the VS Sonivox brand
• General merchandise
• Personal electronics
• And much more

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