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Impacto S. A.

Impacto SA is a wholesale distributor of a broad range of products, supplying beer, wine, liquor and cigarettes for a large number of clients throughout Latin America. The company is located in the Colon Free Zone, which is located at the entrance to the Panama Canal. From this location, the company is able to utilize its impressive import and export abilities to ship products to Central America, the Caribbean, South America and anywhere else in the world.
From this location, Impacto SA is able to compete globally due to its proficient distribution system and the Panama Canal, which creates the quickest shipping route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This shipping route shortens delivery times and reduces delivery costs, allowing the company to provide products faster and at lower costs.
Using its unique location and efficient shipping processes, Impacto SA is able to provide customers throughout Latin America with the high quality alcoholic beverages and tobacco products that they desire.

Products offered include:
• Beer
• Wine
• Liquor
• Cigarettes
• And more

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