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Importación y Exportación Caribe (IMEXCA, S.A.)

Importacion y Exportación Caribe, S.A. (Imexca, S.A.) is a company specialized in logistics and delivery located in the Colon Free Zone. The company offers a multitude of delivery solutions for international shipments, giving a strategic advantage for delivering worldwide.
Importacion y Exportación Caribe, S.A. (Imexca, S.A.) is focused to satisfying the import and export needs of their clients and has become a delivery center for Latin American market, providing weekly services via air, sea and land. The company is dedicated to the specific needs of each client, so it has concentrated its efforts on a plan that meets the needs of its customers.
Thanks to their critical location in Panama, one of the centers for all main delivery routes, Importacion y Exportación Caribe, S.A. (Imexca, S.A.) is able to offer business customers a range of options to move logistics cargo correctly. With a staff of skilled employees, the company is an expert delivering to any location in the world.

It provides services such as:
Cargo Transportation
And much more

Brands sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Black & Decker, Harmony, Kdk, Panasonic, Q&Q, Remington, Samsung, Wahl, Takara, Invicta, Eldor

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Cleaning Supplies, Soaps, Candles, Air Conditioning, PBX Systems, Telephone Switchboards, Electronics, Electronic Products for Personal Use, Telephones, Wireless Telephones, Watches in General, Appliances

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